Why is Utoken Currency Different from other Virtual Currencies?

Utoken is a currency that was introduced by Ufun. This virtual currency is different from others like Bitcoin and Litecoin since it is backed by ufun gold reserves. This means that it is more sustainable. This is to say that even if all members were to withdraw their Utoken currencies, the bank would take long to get to the bankruptcy stage. The other virtual currencies are not backed by any tangible wealth. Since its introduction in 2014, Utoken has been able to create many millionaires in such a short time period. By being a member of ufun club, every individual is assured of some handsome income. Ufun charges 30% fee for the transactions that take place in the platform as administration fee. It also charges membership and withdrawal fees. Similarly, members are assured of bonus if they invite new members to the group.

Membership to Ufun club is through member get member system. A new member must be invited by an already existing member. For every member you invite to the group, you are entitled to sponsor bonus. Similarly, when these members you sponsor get more members to the group, you get to earn a percent of their earning as bonus. The bonus is payable in cash and as upoints to buy more Utokens. 

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