Who Needs To Protect Their TV?

CrystalWall is another quality brand that offers protection against flying objects, dust, scratches and fingerprints. It is made of a similar optical grade clear acrylic that does not distort the television picture in any way. The CrystalWall protector is only .125 inches thick, but the manufacturer guarantees it will stop a 6 ounce object thrown at 20 miles per hour. CrystalWall offers a wide variety of protector sizes, to fit all popular television models, and designed to cover just the area of the screen so that the televisions speakers are not obstructed. A feature unique about CrystalWall is that it offers you a custom size screen which means they will make the protector the size of your TV!

CrystalWall company offers screen protectors with a 90 degree bend on the top edge. This produces a protector with 75% more rigidity than flat piece acrylic protectors, which may flex on impact enough to actually make contact with and damage the television screen. The top edge bend also helps to keep the television screen clean, keeping out dust and dirt. It really comes down to how much risk you’re willing to take. If you can afford to buy a new TV every time a object goes flying through the air a protector probably isn’t for you.

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