Which Stereo Amps Provide The Finest Sound Quality?

I will take a look at a number of mini stereo amps and clarify some fundamental language to help you select the ideal amp for your speakers

There is a flood of different audio amps available which all differ in their specifications, shape and size. You dont have to be a guru. Various amps are rack sized. Harmonic distortion refers to how much the audio signal is degraded while being amplified. This term is frequently used while comparing the audio quality of amplifiers.

An audio distortion of up to 10% is usual for tube amplifiers whereas solid-state amps have less audio distortion depending on the particular technology. The most traditional amplifiers utilize a “Class-A” and “Class-AB” technology. Audio amplifiers which are based on these technologies usually have low harmonic distortion. Furthermore, this technology is relatively inexpensive. Though, the downside is that the power efficiency is only in the order of 20% to 30%. Amps with low power efficiency will need relatively big heat sinks since the majority of the power is radiated. In a small listening environment, you might not require to drive your loudspeakers to their rated value. Usually a low-impedance loudspeaker will be less difficult to drive to high volume than a high-impedance speaker. You can without difficulty find the rated speaker impedance range in your amplifiers user manual.

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