What Makes Garcinia Cambogia So Good for You?

Pure garcinia cambogia berries are a small, sweet fruit with a slightly tart taste. Aside from being an ideal ingredient in a fruit salad or pie, the pearl-shaped fruits can aid in your weight loss efforts. The extract can even protect against heart disease and enhance your immune system to help you avoid a cold or the flu. These even contain more vitamin C than an orange! Unripe extracts contain between 1500 and 4000mg of vitamin C for every 100g of fruit, while oranges only contain just 50mg of vitamin C for every 100g of fruit.

As you know, vitamin C is essential for strengthening and protecting the immune system, which is why it’s wise to eat your fill of pure garcinia cambogia when you feel the sniffles coming on. However, vitamin C is also essential for stopping blood clots and building collagen in the skin.

According to a study published by the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, garcinia cambogia extract can help to stop the growth and development of lung cancer. The fruits also have anti-viral properties, so they can help to remove a number of other infections and toxins in the body.

The cherries can be rather tart, so if they’re too sour for you, dip them in a little dark chocolate or honey so they’ll be easier to eat.

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