What is the Best Way to Claim Your PPI Insurance Refunds?

What is the correct procedure of claiming back ppi that one should folllow? How are you supposed to know that you have some money that can be paid to you? What if one is not even sure that they were charged PPI in the first place? What do they need to do so that they can have this money paid to them? It is not easy to tell that you have been charged PPI or that you need to have the money paid back to you. What you should do is that you can ask your lenders to give you a current statement of your repayments.

The statement that you will obtain will have a breakdown of all the charges that have been deducted on account of the repayments. If you can find an item called PPI on the statement, then this simply means that you deserve to be refunded this money. You must also be able to tell that you need a refund if you have a bank loan. You only have to visit the lender and have them breakdown the manner in which your loans is being repaid.

Once you notice the need for a repayment, then the correct thing for you to do is to consult your lawyers and have them follow up the issue of a refund for you.

What is the Best Way to Claim Your PPI Insurance Refunds? by
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