What Brings About A Gall Bladder Attack Or Causes Gallbladder Stone Symptoms

Your gallbladder is a crucial organ and an indispensable part of the digestive system. It acts as a pear shaped container or vessel that holds what is made by the liver. It is important because it concentrates the bile that the liver sends to it and it also keeps the bile from being sent directly to the small intestine. Bile is made up mainly of cholesterol and bile salts. This waste substance is very important to us. The liver first filters our blood to remove the waste from it. The nutrient rich blood then leaves the liver while the waste product is sent to the little organ connected to the liver. If not for the presence of this organ beneath the liver to hold the bile then the bile would be sent straight to the small intestine. This would not harm the person but it could potentially cause diarrhea or it can eventually cause a potential weight increase and in some instances gallbladder stone symptoms. Every organ works together to make the machine we call the human body, work more efficiently.

Gallbladder Stone Symptoms

We are constantly bombarded with reports that the different foods we eat are causing complications in our bodies. We are told what to eat this week and it seems like the following week the report of what to eat and what the food will cause is different. But truth be told, when it comes to your digestive system, recent research does prove that the foods you eat are responsible in over 90% of a gall bladder attack. When you eat foods that contain high concentrations of protein and fat your body requires an extra amount of bile to be sent to help break down the fat content so it can be digested, and since the stones are in the bile this increases your chances of feeling discomfort. Make sure not to ignore Gallbladder Stone Symptoms.

What Brings About A Gall Bladder Attack Or Causes Gallbladder Stone Symptoms by
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