Urban Farming For Self Sustainability

By definition a 'self sustainable farm' is one which should satisfy our dietary needs, enhance our natural environment combined with the natural resources we use to keep up our farm, and should sustain the farm's economic viability.

We help our urban farm achieve these goals through an ecologically sound foundation as our plan of action. Whether we are organizing a community based fruit & plant garden, a tiny patio plants, or a small micro farm including livestock operated through your backyard, we should keep some principles at heart while we are still inside planning stage. You can search on the web to get urban farming ideas.

Plan onward. What is best suited to your needs? What do you want out of your backyard or farm? Are you planting a raised bed garden? Want up and down gardening? Are you increasing all vegetables, or the variety of plants? Will you leave place for beneficial plants in your garden? Will you have livestock, or even small livestock?

Some tips to contemplate:

Think of alternative methods of irrigation to be able to water your crops other than opening up the faucet.

Recycle your previous scalp and livestock waste to be able to fertilize your soil. Keep compost whole with all your fruit and veggies peels, eggshells or every other food scraps we might otherwise throw. This is a great all-organic opportunity for self-sustainability and will save you a fortune in upcoming fertilizer costs.

Practice healthy polyculture. In other words grow a variety of plants and vegetables simultaneously.

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