Turbo Tax Super Bowl Commercial

Looking at Ford Field the night of Super Bowl XL

Looking at Ford Field the night of Super Bowl XL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Super Bowl can be described as one of the most watched sporting events on this planet. Many people gather together on Superbowl Sunday together with family and friends to relish in the experience. Hundreds of thousands of chicken wings, pizzas, french fries, chips and dip, and other snacks are purchased to munch on during the game. People put on their favorite team’s jersey and dare others to doubt their talent in this game. There are multiple bets placed on the game and everyone is on pins and needles until the winner is chosen for this game.

Statistics show that almost half of the viewers of the Superbowl are there for the commercials. Turbo-tax has come up with some catchy, slightly amusing content for their upcoming Super Bowl commercials. One shows a female asking her significant other a million questions that could impossibly difficult for a male to answer. The narrator then states, if you can answer these questions then you can do your own taxes. Another commercial shows a woman spinning around in her chair asking whether she turned a college degree into a paying gig. All the commercials have the same concept, though they creatively seem to arrive to a concept that is different. I think the message behind the commercials are to first show, or rather tell, customers how easy it is to do your taxes. Secondly, to advertise self reporting as a better, easier method, than using a tax service. The commercials are slightly humorous, but also logical, and sensitive which can be appealing, and relatable to the viewers. I think TurboTax takes a serious subject matter and presents it in a unique way, one that is understandable, and will attract new customers.

There are many highlights in this game. The national anthem at the beginning of the game is a delight to hear for anyone. I think the halftime show is also usually highly anticipated. We can’t wait for our favorite singer to hit the stage and deliver an award winning performance. The end of the game, and the post game show is also a great highlight of Super Bowl Sunday. If you are not necessarily a sports fanatic then the most interesting portion of the whole spectacle could easily be the commercials that play during the game. Each year dozens of companies vie for a commercial spot, paying thousands of dollars to display their fancy new commercials. One company that has put together their commercials for this coming Super Bowl Sunday is TurboTax.

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