Tourism Industry Growth In Asia

The Millennials are young, looking for adventure and have had an impact in the global tourism industry. With the Millennial generation growing up, there has been a greater scope for the growth of tourism in countries. Let’s take a look at how this industry has developed over the years.


  • Culinary Tourism

Younger generations are eager to travel far and wide, many a time for culinary experiences. There has been an increase in tourism in areas which are known for the best wines, desserts, and breads, among various other food items. Research suggests travelers reserve a quarter of their intended expenditure for culinary experiences. France and Italy are particularly famous for the culinary experiences they offer, aside from their visual beauty.

  • Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism has also seen a huge increase as the fearless Millennials like adventure trips. For adventure tours Philippines, Switzerland and various other countries are particularly popular. Companies such as One Life Adventures allow tourists to search for adventure trips, based on their choice. These adventure trips consist of a variety of activities, ranging from skiing to paragliding and hiking, even scuba diving.

  • Film Tourism

With the film and television industry growing, there has been an increase in movies being shot in different locations. With the cast and crew moving to various locations, there has been an increase in tourism, with diehard fans visiting these locations. Many TV shows, such as Game of Thrones, Black Sails and Dominion have affected the tourism numbers in the host countries.

These changes have boosted the global economy, and have also lead to an increase in understanding of various cultures. 

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