Top 10 Most Wanted Leonard Cohen’s Songs

After gaining respect and fame for his literary artwork in the 1960’s, Leonard Cohen opted to look for greener pastures in the New York City. After relocating to North America, Cohen began his career as a songwriter/singer in the late 1960’s issuing perfect erudite, pessimistic folk stuff ever written. After gaining popularity with his first and second album, Leonard Cohen decided to add some humor to his work by releasing I’m Your Man in 1988; Cohen was also able to explore other controversial topics that his peers avoided. In Cohen’s songs, you will find him vividly talking about sex, spirituality and marriage.

Leonard Cohen’s great 1992 album The Future teemed with darkness, not forgetting that the cynical and romantic smiles are there still. Having released award-winning songs, publicized high quality novels and written sensational poems, Cohen decided to stop for the day and retire to a monastery. Then the unfortunate happened, his former business manager took off with Cohen’s money forcing him to get back on the road to try to get back on his feet once again. Though it has not been easy, Leonard Cohen has been able to perform in various stage shows together with his backup singers and illustrious band.

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