Tips on How to Create a Website

It is hard to make an assumption on how much a person know on how to create a website other than the usual things that he does like net surfing. Below are the simple steps to follow on creating your own website.

Give your website a name and registering it for you to have the right to use the name. This will cost you an annual fee. It is like you have reserved a name for yourself so that others cannot use it. This step is vital on how to create a website.

In order for users to view your webpage you need to look for a host. This will give your site a home because they need to put it on their computer so that users can connect to it and view it.

The recommended tool to be used for new beginners is What You See Is What You Get because it works like a word processor. If you are planning to hire a professional website designer you may skip this step.

Promote your website by submitting a form on Google or Bing search engine so that people can look you up easily. You may use alternative methods otherwise through advertisement, press release, newspaper and word of mouth.

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