The Secret behind Deer Antler Velvet That Makes It a Unique Substance

There are many of us who were so intrigue about Deer Antler Velvet. Most of us would normally connect it to muscle building and strengthening. However, there are certain uses of this product which is catered by the older generation. Are you aware of the fact that this particular substance can help those that are experiencing joint pains too? Yes, the glucosamine, collagen and chondroitin found in Deer Antler Velvet are effective in the repair of the connective tissue in our joints thereby improving the ligaments as well as bones. There are many additional benefits that can be achieved through its use but that can be tackled next time. Let us first focus on its unique qualities.

What is so unique about Deer Antler Velvet? Its uniqueness is manifested by its characteristics that are almost as distinct as the growth hormones in our body. Our liver produces IGF-1 while our pituitary glands produce the growth hormones. Together they help in the synthesis of proteins and development of muscles. It is in this area that controversy has arisen in its use.

However, what is this Deer Antler Velvet and where can we find this in its original state. This substance can easily be found in the antlers of a young male red deer common in New Zealand. This deer antler velvet is responsible for the initial growth and development of antlers until it hardens and will reach its mature state as can be observed in the adult male red deer. The development and growth is also enhanced because of cellular division. Originally, in the ancient time, Deer antler supplement is believed to have been extracted and used by men of the past to make them fitter and robust making them ideally fit for hunting activities. That is the premise that made its way towards the Health and Wellness industry.

The Secret behind Deer Antler Velvet That Makes It a Unique Substance by
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