The Risk of Untreated Depression

Depression is a kind of mental illness that should be taken seriously. Many people, from any age level suffer from depression. Depression often leads to suicide. People who are feeling depressed often seen super melancholic. Depressed people can seem very different from they before are.

If before a person is very cheerful, later he or she can look very sad every time. usually they have severe mood swings. Other signs are, not feeling enthusiast for something they loved to, losing appetite, frequently talking about wanting for suicide, etc.

If the close persons cannot be sensitive or concern about such signs, the patient can actually suicide. Therefore, before unwanted thing happens, the patients should be taken quickly to counselor. If you letting them be any longer, there are some dangerous risks may happen.

Eager of hurting themselves

The depressed people can be very encouraged to hurt or kill themselves. Therefore, they should not be let alone. Additionally, do not put sharp things like scissors or knife around them. the suicidal eager is thought as the final solution.

To resolve such though, they need the motivation to continue the life. there is always the main point why they are being depressed, and this is the importance of counselor’s existence. The counselor can learn the detail information through the patients’ stories. Sometimes, what we hear from the patients are just the surface, not the main cause.

There are several kinds of treatment for the patients of depression. There are consultation, medication, and etc., anything that will help. Our facilities also include the strategy to back the patients into the social life. The depressed patients commonly do not want get into any social activities. In the extreme case, they could cut off any relationships. If that happens, it can be a sign of a suicide.

Do not ignore depressed people and let’s together help them.

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