The Reasons Why You Need Double Wall Cups In Your Restaurant

Double wall cups are made up of two paper walls, leaving insulating spaces in between. Most restaurant workers serve their drinks while still very hot. They have to because it is what most of their clients want. But, serving a hot drink requires proper facilities that include good and safe cups. A single wall cup would be the best option because of its affordability, but the only problem is that they are risky and somehow hazardous. It is very difficult to hold a single wall cup without a sleeve, due to excessive heat released from the surface.

The main reasons why many restaurants have adopted the use of double wall cups are; these cups are well insulated, and are safer than single walled. Heat retention capabilities heavily contribute to cup safety. While single wall cups require sleeves to ensure safety and ease of usage, double wall cups are naturally comfortable to hold and use.

We do not exactly discouraging the use of single wall cups. Neither are we negating the functions of a sleeve. The idea here is that double wall cups are more convenient while serving restaurant takeaways and other hot drinks. On the other hand, single wall cups can perfectly contain warm drinks.

The Reasons Why You Need Double Wall Cups In Your Restaurant by
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