The Purpose of Using IPhone Screen Protectors

For many people, their iPhone is their most prestigious, expensive and most used possession that needs additional protection for daily use of social networking, gaming, business and work. People use different kinds of cases/bumpers protect their phone from being dropped, acquiring abrasions and etc. But this is not sufficient because it can only protect the body but not the screen. Though screen protectors cant protect your phone from cracks, it can prevent your phone from acquiring scratches, minor abrasions and having oily finger marks from daily use. Thus, making it look clean, fresh and brand new. More often, people are torn between choosing what iPhone screen protectors should they use, some would argue that picking simple protector would be quite overkill.

What to look for: iphone 5 screen protectors should not alter the screen display, especially how it looks and its color. It also shouldnt leave any residue when you remove it and make it looks dirty. The best protector should last a year not only days; it should be scratch proof and fingerprint resistance. The design of iPhone screen protectors should also fit your phone and your case. If it peels off and collects dirt around the edges, it wont last a long time. It shouldnt be rough; it should be smooth and responds well to your touch. The industry which produces the protector you bought should have return policies for defects of their products.

The Purpose of Using IPhone Screen Protectors by
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