The Importance Of A Business Card

It is time to realize that your business card represents your company's image as much as your customer service or other services you offer. People fail to understand that and attempting to save on cheap business cards will hurt a business ultimately. Just like any other ways of marketing there is such a thing like business card etiquette. Here we have gathered some valuable information below:

Information– a business card should at the very least include your logo and company name, your name (first as well as last), position, phone number, fax number if possible, address (if you work from home choose P. O. Box), e-mail tackle (optional), a web site (in '08, a web site is highly recommended and can be quite cheap as little as $20 per month with a website builder hosting account), and last but not least something about your business.

Paper- using a good paper weight for your company cards is a must, whether you decide on a standard paper or sheets and pillowcases paper. I understand that small businesses use a smaller budget but in 2008 an excellent quality business card isn't that expensive. Pop over here to learn more about the various business card etiquettes and customs.

Background and foreground shades– recently I was trying to read a navy blue business card with black lettering. Well, I gave up because I bought annoyed of killing my face. You don't want people to get that feeling about your credit card.

Unique Decoration- Your card should jump out and make you memorable, when you opt for a design, an exceptional design is a must. Your décor should represent your business with your logo's colors, company themes, etc. 

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