The home base of Atletico Madrid FC

The staggering increase of football fans and enthusiasts in the late 60’s in Spain has been the reason of many stadiums' major renovations. Mainly aimed to increase the capacity to be able to host more people and spectators for the home club to entertain.

As one of the greatest Spanish football club, Atletico Madrid FC has been using this stadium of Estadio Vincente de Calderon ever since the stadium opened for public back in the year of 1966.

The main purpose of the club to build this stadium was in order to be able to have a completely new stadium to replace their old and insufficient Estadio Metropolitana back in 1960’s.

Throughout their time, the stadium has seen more than enough games and matches between the home club with their opponents. Wins and losses are there all the time and Atletico Madrid remains to be one of the greatest Spain’s football clubs. Click here to see more information!

Short history of this stadium

Back in 1966, this stadium was initially christened with the name of Estadio de Manzanares. In order to honor the club’s president, in 1971 the Atletico Madrid FC changed the name of this grand stadium into Estadio Vincente Calderon and has retained this name for the stadium ever since until today.

With the capacity of able to host around 54,000 people and spectators at any match/game, this Estadio Vincente Calderon does not seem to require any major renovation soon. The main reason is perhaps because it does not need one now. Although it is a bit aged, but the construction remains solid and very good to host any grand football match anytime.

The selling price of the match in this stadium is ranged from 30 to 80 Euros and this could be the reason as to why the ticket sales do not good in the beginning of the sales.

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