The Bachelor In Paradise Outfits Will Be More Stylish And Fashionable Than Ever Before

Fans will be in for some surprises, this season on Bachelor in Paradise. Television reality competition has some new tricks in store, but also a whole tribe of friendly faces that will be returning to the TV series. In fact, 25 of the show’s former contestants will be coming back for a second chance at finding love. Although the faces will be familiar to loyal fans, nothing else will be. The game itself has changed, the stakes are higher and the show has moved to sunny shores of Tulum, Mexico.

The Bachelor in Paradise fashion show will begin the season with the traditional Rose Ceremony, but only six men will have roses to offer their eight bachelorettes. This means that two female contestants will be eliminated before the game begins. An unlucky game changer, after which the numbers will be evened out by the arrival of two men and two women joining the the games each week for seven throughout the Fall TV season.

Bachelor in Paradise will be hosted once again by Chris Harrison. His presence will help keep bachelorette eyes on the prize while their eligible bachelors attempt to make their plays for romance and the possibility of true love to be found. Seven weeks promise to offer more twists and turns for viewers. Anything goes in this competition for one final red rose, this game is about loving and losing.

Good vibrations from South of the border are sure to make this season of Bachelor In Paradise outfits even more fun, wet, and wild than ever. With 25 past bachelors and bachelorettes in a Mexican paradise, almost anything could happen. Be sure to tune in at 8PM ET/PT on 08/04/2014 to the one show that is making love into the most dangerous game. Don’t forget to tune in and fall in love, all over again.

The Bachelor In Paradise Outfits Will Be More Stylish And Fashionable Than Ever Before by
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