What Is Search Engine Optimization And Why Use It

Search engine optimization is the process of the creating a great probability for a certain website's to searched or be viewed. Search engine optimization is very important for websites. As we all know that viewers are very important in the productivity of a website because this is the reason why they are making it in the first place. The search engines are actually the websites that help the computer user to find the specific website or article that they would like to view or see. Examples of these websites that are known for being a search engines are Bing and Google. You can access these websites by simply typing www dot Google or Bing dot com. There you can search for everything that you want. You can search for articles, meanings, songs, artists, movies, pictures, persons, everything just name it. Now this process of the search engines to locate the right website depends on the algorithms that every search engine has. In search engine optimization, there are criteria that are needed to be considered. The first is the words, when person searches of a word the search engine will find the articles that have this kind of words in it. Next is the title, the search engine will find all the titles that have this word or words in it.… Read the rest