Goals of a Medical Transcription Professional

Every profession expects you to meet certain goals. Then, you add some of your own goals to that, thereby increasing the number of work-related goals considerably. Let us look at what the medical transcription profession’s goals are.

Medical Transcription Quality Goals: The profession expects the highest level of quality. Its overall goal is getting at least 98 percent accuracy in its work. Add to that its zero-tolerance when it comes to critical errors. You cannot afford even a single critical error while working for a medical transcription company.

How to align your personal goal with this one: Try to achieve an overall accuracy of 100 percent. If you cannot make sense of some information or find some information missing, don’t assume or guess. Flag the document in such cases. However, be careful when you flag; inappropriate flagging can also lead to errors.

Medical Transcription Productivity Goals: Good quality is not enough if you cannot deliver records on time. Deadlines are extremely critical in the medical transcription field. An important criterion of joining this profession is the commitment to meeting deadlines. You are required to turn around records within 24 hours, and at times, the expected turnaround time is four hours.Read the rest

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