How a Patient Relationship Management Can Help With Invoicing

Learn how patient relationship management scheduling software can save you time and money

Before starting a treatment process, patients usually ask you “how much is this going to cost?”Answering this question can be much easy with patient relationship management via Software can generate approx treatment cost by calculating patient’s dental health preferences. Software such as DocMate, Appointment scheduling software, auto remaindering etc. are available in the market, which work efficiently and save your time and money.

Some dentists are still using old method of booking an appointment with a pencil/pen, eraser and paper. Go for paperless office with patient relationship management software and save your money and time. Cloud-based software can help you in streamlining the entire scheduling and billing process. Scheduling appointment booking is becomes much easier and more convenient for patients.

How to schedule invoices

Most patients will have two types of invoices. One type of  invoice, in which invoice goes to the insurance company, who will pay a percentage based on their own dental fee schedule, and second type of invoice, which go directly to the patient. There are exceptions– some patients will not have any co-pay or may pay in full during their dental visit.… Read the rest

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