Understanding Homes For Sale Kanata

For those who are wondering where they can get a brand new home located in Kanata, they dont have to worry anymore. This is due to the fact that, homes for sale Kanata has got a variety of homes that fits well with your lifestyle, needs and most important your budget.

There are lots of homes for sale Kanata have the best amenities available. They include; attractions, entertainment, great outdoor recreation, job opportunities, shopping, dining as well as very good schools. In addition to that, these amenities are easy to access.

Therefore, homes for sale Kanata is one of the best places one can raise a family, work or live in. Acquire a home in homes for sale Kanata and be sure your new house will turn into a home that you will enjoy living in. Buy the home you have always dream to have in Kanata and enjoy living every second of your life.

Kanata is a simple and quiet city in Canada and it is an ideal place to live for those who want to be in a descent way of living. There are lots of houses which are designed great that are for sale so if you are planning to get one this year, then this is the right time to have it.… Read the rest


Here is the 2010-2015 collective agreement. Result of negotiations that began Oct. 30, 2009, it entered into force on 8 April 2011, date of its signature by the representatives and representatives FNEEQ and Management Negotiating Committee colleges (PCCB), and includes some provisions taking effect retroactively, for example the calculation of the experience, which we made changes and salary scales.

We offer three methods of consultation:

  • Available online on our website the collective agreement FNEEQ-CSN 2010-2015
  • See full collective agreement FNEEQ-CSN 2010-2015

Download the collective agreement in PDF: click the document.

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