Suzanne by Leonard Cohen: What Inspired Him to write it?

Musicians write songs as a result of an experience or just what they imagine could happen. A musician is capable of getting a song out of every situation. Well, music is very important in our lives because there are various benefits we get from listening to music. There are different genres of music and people get inspiration from these genres depending on what one loves. Leonard Cohen has been in the music industry since 1960s and has written quite a number of songs which have seen him gain too much audience. You can click at to find out more about Leonard Cohen’s music. You can also find his music from YouTube channels by Mahee Ferlini.

Leonard Cohen released his first album in 1967 and “Suzanne” was one of the songs in this album. Well this is not the firat time that this song was heard because Judy Collins had produced this song and two more from Cohen in her album before. It is the success of the songs produced by other artists that motivated Cohen to produce his own album. But what motivated him to write “Suzanne?” This song had been published as a poem in 1966. It was inspired by his platonic relationship with Suzanne Verdal who used to invite him to her apartment where they would have tea and take a walk. Well, this song has been produced by many more artists who became fans of Leonard Cohen’s music.

Cohen continues to enjoy support from his fans up to date. Mahée ferlini for example continues t share Cohen’s music in her YouTube channel. Leonard has since then released thirteen albums and he does not seem to tire from doing music. Even in his 80th birthday, Cohen still released an album. He is still on international tours to promote his music and at the same t9me entertain his fans

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