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If you want to install solar energy at your home, you must have seen the numerous websites promoting Solar Panel Home Kits.

In case you are keen to install solar energy your own house, you must have seen the various websites promoting Solar panel Home Kits. But before you spend your money on one of these kits, find out if these kits are just another Internet scam or even are they worth getting. You can browse to buy solar panels.

In general there are two sorts of Solar Panel Home products.

1. The first type is a “how to” information. They provide the instructions and videos that show you steps to make your own solar cells.

2. The second type offers a manual and also includes a few of the key materials required, at the. g. some solar cells, a few feet connected with tabbing wire & bus wire and perchance a flux pen as well as junction box.

I want to see the Solar Panel House kits that claim to show you steps to make a solar panel but do not include any materials. These “how to” guides / kits are heavily promoted on the net and typically cost $40 to $50 for the complete package of information products and videos.

Making your individual Solar Panel Will NOT Conserve Money

Despite all the wonderful claims of the websites promoting these kits, you will not lower your expenses by making your own cell or photovoltaic panel (PV panel). Indeed, you can make the 60watt PV panel for approximately $180, but you can buy the equivalent, retail, for the same price. And a retail panel is guaranteed to do for 25 years. A homemade cell has no guarantees and will last only some years, at best. You can also buy emf shielding devices.

Consequently, only consider making a PV panel as part of a DIY or scientific discipline project. The project will not help you save money but it help keep you busy over the weekends and setting up a PV panel can be an enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying experience. The end result would have been a functional solar panel that you can show off to your pals and neighbors and use to offer light and some power for a shed or outbuilding.

Do these “How To” Kits Really Show You Learning to make a Solar Panel?

INDEED. Having bought and reviewed almost all of the leading kits on steps to make your own photovoltaic panels I can assure you that some kits are very good. Not only do they contain manuals on the build process, the best kits include good videos that show you comprehensive what to do and the best way to do it.

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