Should You Buy a Used Bike?

I’m an exceptionally practical person and I love to save money wherever doable. I squeeze the last amount of use out of anything I buy. I purchase used cars, occasionally pre-worn garments, and sometimes, I purchase used bikes. I’m not referring to collectable vintage bicycles, what Im saying is everyday riders. For you, I can say you must read the honda cbr forum to keep yourself up to date.

Bikes have did start to become incredibly expensive today. You get a lot on your money, but I are unable to justify spending $5, 000 : $10, 000 on a bike and I cannot understand why anyone who doesn’t race for a living can. I started riding bikes seriously once you could buy a hand crafted Campagnolo or Dura Ace equipped bike around $1200. That was a lot of cash in the early 80’s, but even with inflation, I don’t believe would equate to anyplace near $5000 today.

On the list of great things about the old steel framed bikes is these were made by hand. A frame builder put a small number of tubes into a jig, brazed these people together, and then filed the joints to scrub them up. A lot of the great names in bike building were literally some people working in a tiny shop, making a few hundred frames a year.

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