Protect Your Property and Income

Do you need Farriers Insurance?

A farrier offers a unique service, but one that could be hazardous his charge. Your clients expect you to insurance to safeguard against injury to their stock. Farrier insurance covers against loss of equipment, and any dangers to the stock under your care. Policies cover general liability both on and off premises, and protection against claims and bodily injury. Injury to others, yourself and the horse are covered protecting you from income loss and legal litigation. Most farrier policies cover completed operations, so if a shoe comes off in a few days any injuries to the horse and rider are covered. The tools of a farrier's trade are expensive, and there is a high risk for loss or theft while out on the road. A farrier's policy protects your valuable tools against loss both on or off the road. All of your products and services are covered up to the limits set on your policy. Care, custody and control riders are available as well as commercial auto options that fit the specific needs of a Farrier insurancefarrier. 

Protect Your Property and Income 

When mistakes unfortunately happen, the farrier insurance policy protects you against medical claims, liability and equipment loss. It is estimated that 76% of all farriers are insured. Farriers policies are inexpensive, and is designed to meet the special needs of the trade. With litigation against farriers on the rise, it makes sense to protect yourself and your business. 

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