Modifying your Old Photo Frame for Valentine’s Day

To complete your urge of decoration for the Valentine’s day, here comes an idea to make all over again your old nasty photo frame. At the start, thoroughly clean the borders and edges of the photo frame before you go for further modifications. After you are done wiping off all of the dust, we have some great methods to give your frame a new life.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

As the initial step, remove off the old cloth attached to the photo frame by first taking off the glass carefully. Replace it with a new and trendy piece of fabric. Select some catchy buttons and ribbons by which you can decorate your frame. The buttons should be of different type and sizes so that it could give a catchy look at the end. Afterwards, set up a pattern inside the frame so that it displays “love” or any other word you want. Apply some glue to the buttons and place them over the marked pattern. This is an easy to do task if you are not in a mood to spend a lot of money at this Valentine’s Day. At the end, place the photo frame wherever you want, surely it will be an attention seeker.

Don’t stop with this. Experiment with unique ideas for Valentine’s day decorations.

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