Juicing vs Magic Bullet

If you're tossing up whether to purchase a magic bullet machine or to try juicing, in order to lose weight, continue reading to discover why you're far better off trying juicing than ordering the Magic Bullet.

Juicing vs the Magic Bullet: Which option should you choose?

Although the Magic Bullet, has a lot of hype surrounding it, the simple fact is that it is the ingredients which you digest, which determine whether or not you'll lose weight, not the machine you use to prepare your meals. So if your main aim is to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight, you're better off reading juicing recipes that help you lose weight quickly than purchasing a gimmicky product such as the Magic Bullet.

The benefits of juicing:

1. You can choose recipes which require the specific nutrients your body requires

As an example, if you're feeling lethargic one morning, you may want to prepare a juice which contains ingredients such as kale, celery and cucumbers. All of which contain the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to rejuvenate itself. Better yet, if you feed your body healthy ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, your body will eventually stop craving unhealthy foods, which will aid your weight loss.

2. You can add freshly squeezed lemons to your juices, in order to kick start your weight loss

The citric acid which is contained in lemon juice, has been linked to weight loss. As an added benefit lemon juice can aid your body in producing bile, which your liver can use to digest fats.

3. You don't need to be a fan of fruits or vegetables in order to try juicing

If you can't imagine consuming five fruits and vegetables per day, then you may be interested in juicing as by consuming 1-2 glasses of fresh juice, you'll meet your fruit and vegetable quota for the day, without needing to consume a single solid fruit or vegetable.

4. The Magic Bullet is more suited to creating smoothies than juices

Whilst the Magic Bullet does come with a juicing attachment, if you try to create a glass of juice with the Magic Bullet, you'll end up trying to drink a glass full of thick pulp.

The Magic Bullet, is designed to create smoothies not juices, which is a shame as smoothies contain double the calories of a glass of fresh juice. So if you're looking to lose weight, there's no point purchasing the Magic Bullet.

So what are you waiting for? If you're serious about losing weight, be sure to visit Sunflower Press and read their free beginner’s guide to juicing.

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