Is it Possible to Get Rid of Acne for Good?

Acne is by far the most common form of skin ailment dermatologists are constantly consulted about. While, on the face of it, the appearance of a couple of pimples on the face may be innocuous, the problem can escalate if left unchecked. But the big question when it comes to acne has to be: is it possible to get a cure that is good enough to last a lifetime?

According to some respected dermatologists, it is possible to treat acne once and for all time. However, some habits such as the ones described below hinder this sort of success.

While acne is not exactly an ailment in traditional sense, there are some obvious causative factors. These include hereditary factors, diet and of course hormones. Even if you manage to get on top of one of the causative factors, you may still become a victim of another acne-inducing dynamic.

There is increasing evidence that a good number of acne cases can be traced directly to some lifestyle activity or another. For instance, stress can lead to an outbreak of acne. In other cases, people who fall into depression often find that even an innocuous breakout of pimples can balloon into a raging case of acne.

Another reason why some people fail to get rid of their acne for good is that they usually try a wide range of remedies, all at the same time.  According to one of a leading acne specialist in Singapore, combining a number of acne remedies at a go can cause an acne problem to escalate rather than dissipating.

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