Iron On Name Tags

Once upon a time you had to spend a good couple of hours sewing name tags into school uniforms and kits with the knowledge that you would be going it again for the winter uniform, for the next year when all new clothing was bought and if any was lost during the course of the year. But parents and guardians don’t have to fuss and fiddle with needles any longer because iron name tags are around, making that part of school life just a little easier!

With a lot less hazards than sewing, no more fiddling with threading the needle or pricking your fingers from using a bit too much force on a tough stitch, iron on name tags are a gift to those who are too busy with work and family to sit for a good while and sew name tags in repeatedly. Instead you can simply have a small pile of them and iron them onto the clothing when you wash the new uniforms before school begins. This ensures that not only will your child not summer any gym or uniform losses as the tags can be as colourful as you need, often with a small image to help those that are still learning their letters or who have a classmate with the same name, but that your child will feel special with their very own labels inside their clothes.

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