Insulation and Climate Control

            PVC strip doors may be your answer to some of the small problems that have been plaguing your business. Do you have a loading bay that needs to be constantly accessed but is losing heat, causing you to have higher energy bills? Or maybe its simply too open to the elements and you could lose precious seconds raising or lowering bay doors when accepting or receiving deliveries? If you have those problems then <a href="">PVC strip doors</a> could be the solution for you as a way of keeping the heat in and the cold, the wet and the undesirable bits debris out of your loading bay.<br /><br />Able to be tinted to help filter out UV rays as well as repel insects PVC strip doors can also come as anti-static and ribbed to help reduce friction between themselves and the person or object passing through them as well as to help stop the strips from sticking together when slipping back into place. The nature of the strips also means that only the strips being moved so that a person or vehicle passing through will part ensuring that the upper most and side parts of the opening not in use will remain sealed shut, stopping any excess heat from entering or escaping the room in question.
Insulation and Climate Control by
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