How to Pop a Pimple – Easy Tips

Having a phobia of needles is one good reason for not using a sharp point to pop your pimples, but there are much better reasons. For a start, most people who use a needle or a pin don’t sterilise it properly, which means that they  are likely to spread infections into the newly broken skin. This is disastrous, because infections are the cause of most pimples in the first place.

Another reason why a needle is a bad choice is that it causes far more traumatic damage to the skin than need be inflicted. Trauma is another deadly enemy as far as pimples go, because trauma causes the skin to react by setting up inflammation. And inflammation is the very characteristic of pimples that you most want to avoid, since it accounts for the redness, pain and swelling that makes pimples so bad.

The only safe way to pop a pimple is to use a pimple popper – or “spot popper” as some people call them. The essential thing to remember when doing so it that you must sterilise it properly before each use. This ideally means boiling it in a pan of water for ten minutes (the water must be at a rolling boil). Soaking it in a dish full of antiseptic will also work, but boiling is more thorough.

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