How To Get Good-Quality Music Amps

I will present a few pointers about audio amp devices to aid you make the right purchasing decision. By following some plain rules, you will be able to choose the type that best fits your application and resources.

The vast majority of recent audio amplifiers are solid state amplifiers vs more conventional tube amplifiers. Tube amps have been dominant a decade or so ago. Audio distortion refers to how much the audio signal is being degraded whilst passing through the amplifier and is given in percent. These technologies use different arrangements to amplify the sound. While amplifiers employing these technologies normally have low audio distortion, power efficiency is only 10% to 30%. “Class-D” amplifiers, on the other hand, which are also known as “digital amplifiers” have a power efficiency of at least 80% and are smaller and have a smaller power supply than similar analog amplifiers. The disadvantage is that many digital amps have higher audio distortion than analog mini stereo amplifiers although some of the most recent models utilize a feedback mechanism to reduce distortion to levels of 0.05% and below. The amount of power will depend on the power handling rating of your loudspeakers. Not all amplifiers can drive any speaker impedance. Find out the impedance of your speaker which is given in Ohms. Then look at your amplifier manual to ensure that your amplifier can drive this impedance.

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