How to Choose the Best Golf Rangefinder

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There are things you need to consider if you want to get the best golf rangefinder. Of course, there is no a one-size-fits-all solution in choosing rangefinder. After all, people’s needs and situations differ from one another. That being said, there are things in general that everyone should consider. Here, we will talk about 4 of them, namely range, features, types, and price. You can use it as a guide to find the best rangefinder for yourself. Let’s start.


First and foremost, you need to check the maximum distance range. The most of the rangefinders available in the market range from 1 to 1500 yards. Keep in mind that the rangefinder can only do its best when the climatic conditions are clear and favorable.

Features and types

Other important things you need to consider are the features and types. These include size, model, brand, shape, magnification, distance measurement as well as accuracy. All of these factors will help you a lot in buying the right rangefinder for you.

Similarly, rangefinder type is also very important. For instance, if you are a beginner and want to measure the distance, altitude, time and climatic conditions, it is best for you if you buy a slope edition rangefinder. Likewise, if you are a professional, then it is best for you to buy a tournament edition rangefinder. While this type of rangefinder doesn’t come with extra features, it does give you sight distance measuring features.


Last but certainly not least, price. The price range of rangefinder does matter. In fact, it matters a lot. If you are a beginner who wants to buy a rangefinder that comes with many features, you’d want to buy a rangefinder which offers you all of these features but still within affordable ranges. If you are a professional player, however, then you only need some of the features. Again, you can buy a tournament edition rangefinder.

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