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Is it that simple you may ask?  I will briefly describe the components of the system and then you can make a decision for yourself. Well, that was the question that I asked myself when I watched these videos for the first time.  The input to the system is a funnel into which you would send targeted traffic, and that can be in two forms, namely paid traffic. There is free traffic where you can create your own blog pages with links into your iPAS2 reviews, leverage your Facebook network etc.  Which is quite effective in that you can get TRAFFIC BROKERS to do all of the hard work of finding quality leads for you and sending that quality traffic into your iPAS. 2.0 funnel.


If you have some money you can get a traffic broker to do all the work for you while you spend time with your family and friends? Obviously the trade-off between free traffic and paid traffic is that you would have to do the work to get the free traffic to your system. I can re-invest into the business by buying more quality and high converting traffic. I have personally devised a strategy of doing both methods in parallel with the long term goal of having the system generate enough monthly income for me.

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