Goals of the Clans

A clan plans to achieve many goals. Goals within a clan dismissed the written form of documentation, but more so approved within their power and integrity. The goal can be something as simple as accomplishing cultural traditions or building an empire of the same clan. Building an empire successfully requires control, power, and compromise. Clans would sometimes battle and clash of clans cheats with other groups of people on Values and activities performed by members of a clan can lead to cultural traditions. These traditions or practice repeatedly, even in later centuries. That is how traditional values are established. Traditions originate from a group of individuals that practice the activity a long time ago, and are now practiced by today’s society. The main goal of a clan is to survive, which meant to do whatever they had to do to keep the clam producing and maintaining. This task would prove to be difficult, but possible in the end. It is not easy for any person to set a goal and get to it as soon as possible. It takes knowledge, strength, and the willpower to achieve all goals. The members of clans recognized the techniques, and acted upon the state of affairs accordingly.

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