General Mills Investing in Emerging Food Brands

General Mills Incorporated recently announced they will begin investing in start-up food brands via their new business development and venturing branch, 301 INC. This new business strategy aims to place the focus on establishing partnerships with these up-and-coming brands in order to invent fun and delicious innovations within the food and beverage industry.

Using 301 INC as the platform to establish these new relationships, General Mill will give these up-and-coming food and beverage companies access to the funds they need and the wealth of experience that General Mills has accrued over their many years in the food and beverage industry.  The insider insight into the industry that General Mills has will help to better prepare these newer companies so they can continue to learn and grow their businesses.

In the ever changing landscape of the food and beverage industry, where consumer trends are constantly evolving and shifting, these businesses will be able to lean on 301 INC and General Mills for support and guidance. General Mills is excited about this new opportunity to partner and help foster these smaller up-and-coming brands in the food and beverage industry. With the powerful combo of knowledge and capital that General Mills has gained from over 150 years in the food and beverage industry, any new start-ups would be lucky to ink a deal with General Mills and 301 INC.

301 INC was originally launched to act as a business development team back in 2012 that would be used to help increase growth for General Mills Incorporated. Some of the most notable brands that 301 is responsible for helping foster include Nature Valley Bistro Cup, Progresso and Pillsbury Pancake Batter. They also helped with Nibblr, a monthly snack delivery service that’s based on subscription.

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