Finding A Courier For Parcel Delivery To China

If you need a service for parcel delivery to China then you have a lot of work ahead of you. Delivering to China isnt as simple as other countries. You are up against their customs which may present the successful delivery of your package. This isnt something taken lightly as Chinese customs tends to be one of the highest in strictness of all the Asian countries. You simply cant send most packages that other counties might accept due to their regulations. Interestingly enough exports from China arent that regulated so its the receiving countries duty to ensure that imports from China are dealt promptly.

The first thing you have to deal with is ensuring that the courier you deal with is able to send to China. Some couriers dont want to deal with their regulations, because that also means that your package has to be formally inspected and stamped with the couriers approval. Most couriers are not willing to do this but if you have arranged for a shipment to China be aware that your package will need to be manually inspected for approval. This is all the more important for those packages that undergo express shipping. Staff put on gloves prior to opening your package to inspect its contents.

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