Features of A Campus Management System

Features related to the admission procedure:

Keep track of all kind of information

Online registrations

Coursework management

Uniform & integrated process for all levels

Relevant & real-time information which allows everybody to stay up to date

The campus management process brings everybody on the same plane. As a result there is no communication gap of any kind.
People, prospects & the knowledge all are kept in an organized manner to alleviate confusion
The tracking & the management of the elderly & new students as well as the prospects becomes a complete piece of cake. You can see more info at classe365.com/college-management-system.
Recall any information every time you require it, however elderly it may be

Online applications are provided on demand

Secure surroundings which brooks no breaches of any kind

Streamlined & focused communication stream which does away with all kinds of communication gaps

Accountancy features

Admissions are a difficult time to manage for both the administration as well as the scholars joining the school & their parents. The campus management process can help to bridge the gap & bring some with process in to all this insanity.

The financial matters of your institution can now be kept up to date, organized & hassle free with the help of this management process. You can also go to to get info about indigo children.

Keep track of all the financial transactions from now on
Well-organized process which does away with all kinds of financial discrepancies

Tracking of the fee structure, tuition & even the financial aids which is given becomes simple

Faculty management features

Smooth out the communication between the instructors, staff & the various departments
100% online process which allows a person to access knowledge from anywhere in the world
Share every kind of information at the touch of the button
Everything necessary by the scholars is made available on the Net
Provide syllabus, tests, projects, assignments & anything else online
Contact with students can be made through e-mails, passing the note or other kind of text messages
Calendars, memos & inbuilt PIM
Student community features

The net medium is connecting people all over the world & providing them with an cheap communication medium at the click of a button.

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