Establishing Network Cable Installer Compliance

To make sure that speed and technology requirements of networks are supported, the compliance to standards of a network cable installer should be tested.

Reliable Test Instrument
Getting measurable results for compliance would be largely dependent on the use of a reliable test instrument that is capable of various measurements. The results must be compared against established industry standards that will give an accurate assessment of the network performance. Speed is something that is critical especially for networks with many dependents and performs vital delivery of services. Remember that a few seconds delay can be costly for any organization.

Versatility of Installation
For a network cable installer, it is equally important to focus on the versatility of the installation. This is a key factor especially when it comes to troubleshooting different potential issues that can occur in both fiber optic and copper cabling solutions. Testing of all connections from the channel up to the permanent link must be done as part of the verification of the versatility of the installation. To ensure that a network installation remains versatile, it must be capable of hosting all potential configurations that can be used.

Storage of Test Results
SEGI Sales insists that any amount of comprehensive testing would be utterly useless unless the resulting data can be stored. Although it is important to zero in on speed, versatility, and accuracy of network cable installations, using a tester that can store the results will make the generation of reports a lot easier. Certification of network cabling solutions and its compliance with industry standards can be done based on the stored results.

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