Effective Google SEO Optimization Techniques

The images within your website tell a story to visitors in a way that words can not. However if you are not using your ALT tags on your images you are missing an opportunity to improve your rankings. The images within your website have tags that tell the search engines what the image is because search engines can not see pictures. Telling the search engines that an image is a puppy getting a haircut looks much more impressive than the standard cut8754848.image.jpg that happens when you leave the original label on the image. Clean up your tags and your ranking will improve.

The last Google SEO optimization tip that will have an immediate impact on the way your website in indexed and ranked is by adding a site map to your site. The site map is like a road map that tells the spiders sent from different search engines how to find information on your website. The spiders travel along the site map and find all the content on your site much easier than if they had to travel from the home page to locate all your content. The site map gives the spiders quick access to all your pages and allows them to get them indexed faster. When the spiders can navigate your website they give your website pages more attention. This added attention will provide them all the information they need to improve your overall ranking.

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