Dos And Donts Of Gym Makeup

It is advised that one should try to wear minimal makeup for gym or workout as there is a chance of getting pimple breakouts. It is doable to wear makeup to gym but you need to be very careful that you do not overdo it.

Following are some dos and don’ts of wearing makeup to gym or workout sessions:

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  • DON’T:  Do not apply many products

It is advised that you should not apply multiple products on your face when going to gym because the more products you put on face, the more touch-ups will be required when you get sweaty from exercise. There are chances that when cosmetics and sweat mixed can cause pimple breakouts. During exercise or workout all toxins are excreted through sweat in order to avoid clogging pores avoid using make-up products.

  • DO: minimal makeup

If you really want to apply makeup for gym then it is advised to keep things really simple. According to experts one should go for best mineral powder foundation as it will provide a natural look. It will also take lesser time to apply. You can use brow gel to make your brows look fuller and will frame your face nicely.

  • DON’T: Wear anything too greasy

It is advised that one should never wear greasy makeup to gym or workout sessions because you will feel oil on your skin after the workout.  One should wear water based foundation and makeup in as it gives natural look instead of oily look after the workout.   

These are few dos and don’ts that one should keep in mind while wearing makeup for gym.

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