A Concise Guide To The TurboTax MyTaxRefund App

The TurboTax MyTaxRefund mobile app review allows you to conveniently track your tax refund directly from your mobile device.


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Just about everyone at some point has to file an income tax return. This is true whether or not one ends up paying taxes or not. The process of filing one’s returns has been notoriously tedious throughout the years, as it necessitated mailing stacks of papers to the IRS. Subsequent to this, one had to wait for the refund. This changed somewhat after e-filing came on stream, but one still had to wait for the return without anyway to track the progress of the same. Thanks to the new TurboTax mobile app, this too is about to change.

About The TurboTax MyTaxRefund Mobile App

If you would like calling the IRS helpline and holding for minutes or hours on end to be a thing of the past, then the TurboTax app is perfect for you. The MyTaxRefund app from Turbo Tax is perfect for tracking the status of your tax refund right from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone, tablet or other compatible mobile device.

The latest TurboTax upgrade has made the app easier to navigate, and can still be used by anyone who has filed their returns electronically — either using TurboTax or some other electronic service. Those who have used the app thus far, all agree that the TurboTax MyTaxRefund is a great tool. Currently, the app has received 3-star and 4.5-star ratings on the iTunes and Google play app stores respectively.

How It Works

The TurboTax MyTaxRefund app works similarly to the TurboTax online system by allowing users to enter both their social security number and ZIP codes. This information allows users to find out whether their filing has been accepted, rejected or is pending. Of course, each status has its own meaning.

• Accepted: this means the initial submission was accepted due to all documents and items expected by the IRS being in place
• Rejected: this means that all the documents required and expected by the IRS in the initial submission was not present in the same
• Pending: this means that your submission has either not yet been received or is still under review by the IRS

Getting the above sorts of updates by way of your mobile device through the TurboTax MyTaxRefund app is a far more efficient and convenient than waiting on a snail mail response from the IRS.

A Concise Guide To The TurboTax MyTaxRefund App by
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