Cohen’s Musical Journey To Stardom From Canada To New York

Leonard Cohen started as a novelist and poet, but later moved on to New York in 1967 to try out his luck as a musician. In New York, Leonard got interested in joining the Greenwich folk song where he started his career as a musician. In the same year, Cohen was able to release his first album entitled The Songs Of Cohen featuring songs like Suzanne and Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye. Cohen was doing well as a novelist and poet until he decided to try his hand in music. His first album released back in 1967 is a must here album if you want to know where Cohen started from. Other songs featured on this album included So Long which came out as Cohen’s most joyous songs until he released I’m Your Man in 1988.

Everything seemed to be going on well until Cohen decided to retired to a Zen center outside Los Angeles. After spending five years in Mount Baldy, Cohen made a comeback to the music scene in 1999, and recorded his first song. Few of Leonard Cohen’s works can be found at Mahee Ferlini’s uploads on YouTube, here you can get to know who was Cohen and what he is up to now.

Cohen's Musical Journey To Stardom From Canada To New York by
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