Choosing the Right Public Relations (PR) Firm

            If there is one firm that has become overly saturated in these days it is the field of Public Relations. It seems that PR Firms are cropping up faster than weeds, and the process of sorting through the slush to choose a public relations company of quality can be a daunting and overwhelming process, to say the least.<br /><br />Five Tips For Selecting the right PR Firm For You<br /><br />1. Size - Will you be seeking a large corporate PR Firm, a mid-size firm or possibly a small or boutique firm?<br /><br />The question I pose is not a monochrome one. The answer to this question must be determined by several things. Your allowance, how much hand holding and personal attention you need, how far you want your advertising outreach to be, and your desire for a team focusing on your account or for just one or two ambitious publicists working on the account. There are various <a href="">crisis management to Special Events</a> available for public relation.<br /><br />Smaller advertising firms tend to offer monthly retainers that can range anywhere from $7000. 00 all the way up down to about $2500. 00 dependant upon how much overhead that organization has, their level of experience and expertise, their particular advertising niche, their contacts and how long they plan to devote to your account. <br /><br />2. Ignore the Hype and search at a Public Relations Firm's Portfolio of Work.<br /><br />I are not able to stress this enough. In perusing some colleagues' websites not long ago i was shocked to observe that some of these websites have flashy graphics, catchy promo copy about their services, and glossy images but NO samples of their media placements, marketing case studies, writing samples.
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