The Story Of My Three DUIs

I have been charged with three DUI’s in my life time. I have to say that I am not proud of it. The simple truth comes down to the fact that I had a very bad drinking problem when I was young and I did a lot of things that I am not proud of.

I will say that I am a lot better now and I no longer drink and I will never have another drink for as long as I live. I cannot believe that I used to drink the way that I did and that I used to act the way that I did. It is something that makes me absolutely sick. But I have to live with what I did and the way that I acted.

I have lived in RI my entire life and the last time that I was arrested for a DUI I hired a DUI attorney in RI and my attorney was able to work with me and get me help. That was not what I wanted at the time but little did I know that getting help was exactly what I needed. So I did. I got help and that is why I am still alive today and that is why I am so much better.… Read the rest