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For many companies dedicating time to internal business functions such as purchasing, billing and payroll, can greatly affect the efforts focused on core business operations. More often than not, bureaucratic restrictions and administration processes can limit your workforce and resources, and hiring full time employees to assign to these tasks can be costly, especially if you regularly experience fluctuations in workload.

By subcontracting specific tasks to third party service providers, business process outsourcing (BPO) can streamline internal operations so your team can concentrate on improving your bottom line. Furthermore, since most BPO is charged on a fee-for-service basis, you’ll only need to need to pay for what you need, when you need it.

Business process outsourcing services are typically divided into two categories; back office outsourcing, which includes billing, purchasing and payroll; and front office outsourcing which covers customer relations, marketing, technical support and brand identity development. By establishing which areas of your company can be streamline and outsourced, your business may be able to grow at a faster pace. Either way, with the right company overseeing your outsourcing requirements, you’ll be free to develop your business and create a more competitive edge.

For those operating companies in Thailand, finding a skilled and effective workforce that is fairly reimbursed can be a challenge, and outsourcing services can be a great asset to overcome this hurdle. If you’re in a position where BPO maybe beneficial to your company, then PRTR Outsource can assist. Founded in 1990, on the shoulders of its successful British partner company, this Thai/British venture has grown to become of the most prominent suppliers of HR and Outsourcing services.

With almost 25 years experience in recruitment, PRTR developed its business process outsourcing services in 2006 to meet the high demand from its clients. Since that time, the company has established a number of web based CRM and non-specific business process management programs, all of which continues to support and satisfy clients all over the country. PRTR Outsource listen carefully to your needs and analyze your business model together with the organizational structure in order to tailor its outsourcing services to meet your requirements. With such thorough analysis, and expert knowledge in complete outsourcing services, you can be sure that all strategies put in place are the most effective for your business. And while security risks of outsourcing staff can be worrisome to many, PRTR’s partner company offers comprehensive background checks, so you can be sure all staff are hardworking and trustworthy.

As well as Business Process Outsourcing, PRTR also provides HR outsourcing services for contract or temporary staff, payroll, consultancy, database recruitment, mass recruitment, and research recruitment for management level staff. Currently operating 5 offices in Bangkok and an additional 2 along the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, PRTR employs over 260 staff as well as a further 41 support staff that assist clients at various locations throughout the country. It also oversees the payroll of more than 3000 staff, at 61 different companies. 

In addition to the thousands already in placements at various locations in Thailand, PRTR has an extensive database of candidates suitable for all positions in any industry. So if you’re looking to outsource operations in your company, then contact PRTR Outsource today to see what advise they have for you.


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