Building A Small Chicken Coop

Breeders are often faced a problem in choosing between a small chicken coop or something larger, and this decision is dependent on various factors such as the number of chickens to be farmed. The size of the building a coop must be right for the number of chickens. Well-equipped chicken coop will provide ease of access and use, so that the chickens can be properly fed and exercised there, and to increase their ability to lay eggs. If the intention is to raise no more than five or six chickens, then building a small coop will be ideal choice.

A small volume of chickens in a small coop can offer eggs for a solitary family. Fewer chickens are easier to monitor and control, which suggests they will remain healthier with less potential for spreading disease. A chicken coop can make it easier to collect eggs and is particularly much easier to maintain clean.

A smaller house is easily constructed, as it does not contain many unnecessary amenities. It can sit directly on a lawn, but more often can be mounted slightly raised on cinder blocks, keeping it safe from flooding as well as other moisture that can cause the wood as well as other materials to rot, and also providing a breeding surface for mosquitoes. The coop usually includes a regular size door for use of clean the coop and allow chickens out. Also, a smaller coop will consist of at most one or two house windows, with an additional ventilation hole on the roof, closed with chicken line. The roof itself is usually slanted to allow water to perform off and away on the coop.

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