Brushes That Are Used To Apply Foundation

Make up brushes come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. Each type of brush has a specific use. Brushes that are suitable for applying foundation include:

1. Foundation brush

The main purpose of foundation brush is to apply liquid or cream foundation on face and the body. These brushes are medium in sized and paddle shaped.  These brushes are often made from synthetic bristles. Synthetic brushes have firmness along with a bit of flexibility, which makes them ideal for make-up brush for the face and body. These brushes have comparatively dense bristles due to which they can hold more foundation.


2. Kabuki brush

The main use of kabuki brush is to apply mineral foundation and blend foundation in such a way that it gives flawless finish. Kabuki is a distinctive brush as it shorter than most brushes. It is a fat brush and it consists of soft bristles. These kind brushes are dome shaped. In order to get flawless results twirl the brush in power and tap extra powder back into the container. Apply mineral foundation in big circular and sweeping movement s to get full coverage.


p style=”margin-left:18.0pt”>3. Concealer brush

Mainly concealer brush is used to apply liquid or a cream concealer on red patches, discolouration, eye bags and blemishes. Concealer brush consist of firm bristles that are thickly packed together, hence it can be used for smaller areas of face. These kinds of brushes are flat in shape and are made up of synthetic hair. In order to get best results apply small amount of product, especially if it is dark in colour or you are using a highly pigmented products.

These are some the brushes that are used for application of foundation.

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