Brief About Wireless Headset Technology

Wireless technology has become a long way in the field of communications technology. These are now the choice for air traffic controllers, 911 dispatchers, the New York stock exchange and many other businesses that rely on wireless headset technology.You can know more about Astoria headset via various websites.

Wireless Headset Technology

Headsets come in various models which allow you to:

Integrate PC and desk phone communications with one wireless headset

Unify PC and mobile communications throughout your office

Connect to desk phones with performance, style and comfort all in one wireless headset

There are a number of wireless headset models which are both versatile and flexible. Compatible with most phones, light weight models provide up to 10 hours of talk at a time and those with small base stations can also be used as a charging station when you are not using the headset. Most batteries are made up of lithium ion polymer that can be fully charged in 3 hours. The life expectancy of these batteries is 1 to 2 years.

They also offer a number of features that businesses will find extremely beneficial, including a good range, the user can walk up to 300 feet from the desktop phone. The 1.9 GHz voice frequency was developed to reduce interference, no matter whether you are close or far from the base unit.

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